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Welcome to Marchbanks Architectural Design and Planning covering Architectural Design to the West of England and Wales – Architectural Design Devon, Architectural Design Somerset, Architectural Design North Wales, Architectural Design Anglesey, and Architectural Design Snowdonia National Park. We also covering Architectural Design in Dorset and Architectural Design in Cornwall.

Welcome to Marchbanks, the home of bespoke architectural design and planning services. If you are looking for talented architectural services the west of the country from Cornwall and Devon through to Snowdonia National Park and Anglesey from our new area office, rest assured you have come to the right place to have your building design work carried out. Our drawing and planning services cover those areas and beyond.

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Why Choose Marchbanks?

Here at Marchbanks, we take a bespoke approach to architectural planning and design to offer our customers a service that is tailored to your exact requirements. We are passionate about architecture and strive to provide our customers with customer service that is unrivalled. As an industry leader in architectural planning and design for alterations, extensions and one off bespoke new houses, we understand that one size does not fit all our attention to detail is what sets us apart from the rest.

Our services include the following:

  • Design of alterations to existing houses, new extensions and new bespoke houses
  • Planning applications
  • Building control submissions
  • Contract administration
  • Site Inspection as works in progress – reaching beyond that which building control check.

If you would like to find out more information on our services, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

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Whatever your vision may be, we can provide you with cost effective design solutions to complement your individual budget. Whatever your requirements, our team can provide a practical and cost-effective solution. Whether your requirements are based on speed, budget or space, rest assured we can provide you with a bespoke planning and design service that meets your exact requirements.

Trust Marchbanks, the first choice for architectural design Devon; architectural design Snowdonia National Park; architectural design Gwynedd; architectural design Anglesey and beyond!

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What we do

Marchbanks can produce plans to suit your need from the small to the large at competitive prices for the work we do. We can submit to the relevant planning authorities on your behalf and negotiate with them as necessary for the consent. If required we can also manage the tender procedure including helping you to meet your required Health and Safety obligations with outside contractors and finally we can project manage the works through to completion ensuring that the contractor works efficiently and effectively including vetting Contractors interim an final accounts on your behalf before issuing certificates for payment whether you are using a main contractor or a variety of subcontractors.

Whilst we serve a wide range of individual domestic clients, we also are able to serve property speculators designing new houses and residential developments including Housing Associations.

We are happy to work with clients who for whatever reason wish to complete either 'self-build' projects from just producing designs and plans through to full Contract administration and Site Supervision.

Call or email us today, via our Contact page, for more information. We look forward to hearing from you.

Designs to meet your requirements - we can design your project with lots of Architectural features or as a no frills budget design with cost per m2 of building as the main criteria or somewhere in between. However, we try to blend any extension to the existing and won't design something that will devalue your house (we have had customer suggestions in the past that would do just that!). We will voice our opinion and offer advice against those suggestions

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Architectural Design Devon, Somerset, Exeter, Taunton, Bristol, Bath, Dorset, Cornwall and the South West

Marchbanks are a leading Architectural design company who specialise in domestic properties, be they new builds, redesigns or renovations. As a local firm we have worked as the leading Designers on projects in places as diverse as Taunton, Tiverton, Bampton, Exeter, Bristol, Bath, Dorset, Cornwall, Exmoor National Park, in the South West; Canterbury, Sandwich, Ashford Dover and Deal in Kent, projects in London as well as in North Wales including in Snowdonia National Park and on Anglesey. With our local knowledge of the architectural history we are able to ensure our designs blend in with the local buildings without impacting on the natural and historical settings

The Trusted Leaders in Architectural Design

Designing a building requires careful planning from the ground all the way to pinnacle top. There are many reasons to design a new or remodel an existing building – Primarily to add space, but also to make the building work for you, whether that be living, bathing or sleeping space or on a commercial property to upgrade efficiency. We all like to add value to the property, on a new build that often means negotiating with the planning authority to get that special look you would like, but again with extensions and refurbishments they all need to look just right whether for domestic or commercial use. Domestically, this is your home and castle - we respect that. Commercially, a new design or a redesign of existing can add value to your business by attracting new clients, increasing revenue, and also giving your employees and you a place of work in which they can take pride.

A leading Design for your home - Experience you can depend on

We are experience as Architectural Consultants and this helps with the design and building of your new extension, new house or refurbishments from the “paperwork” to the start in the ground up to the very pinnacle of the build. We design using AutoCAD so any amendment required can be easily incorporated in the design, we are happy to return to you on site with the initial design on a laptop and to go through it with you to ensure you understand it fully before applying for permissions. When we project manage as well, we help you select the best contractor to suit your criteria, through to complying with Health and Safety legislation and your obligations to that (you have initial responsibilities these days even with a small extension) and for larger projects we can hold professional development meetings on construction costs to ensure the best advice necessary for making an informed decision.

Finding the right architectural designer

We are sure you will find us the right architectural designers for your project. If required, we research and meet with multiple professional builders and construction companies, or with a single contractor. We aim to project manage sensibly by building a professional rapport with the contractor you select with the aim of forming a team that’s aim is to produce what you want. Our design, planning and Site Supervision can be the best way forward to the implementing of your building or structure.

A leading Design for your Business – creating the right images and efficiencies

A leading architectural design for your building can add value to your business by giving your customers a bold first impression of your business. Our methods can be conformed to your business needs, both in terms of the style and image you aim to present, and also to your capital or financing budget.
We are experience as Architectural Consultants and we design using AutoCAD so any amendment required can be easily incorporated, we are happy to meet you and your staff and to spend time looking to see how your existing premises work, where you see the shortfalls and also we also like to involve the people working in the existing building if possible as sometimes their input can be invaluable on efficiencies and a little time spent with them actually builds a sense of belonging and being a part of the new scheme which often reaps benefits with the work force once the work is completed. When we project manage we help you select the best contractor to suit your criteria, through to complying with Health and Safety legislation and your obligations to that, we can hold professional development meetings on construction costs to ensure the best advice necessary for making an informed decision.

Ready to Consult

We are available for meetings, and you can be ensured that you will have our best possible advice to make the best possible decision concerning your requirements.

Building a Foundation For the Future

We are a leading company in architectural design, and this includes expertise in Computer aided drawing (CAD); digital mapping; law including Planning and Building regulation laws, HSE and COSHH implications. We have Site Supervision expertise in the implementation of our designs. Use our expertise to assist in all your architectural needs. Our Site Supervision skills bring together specialists in each area to bring a successful conclusion to the project by forming a network that ensures the best possible solutions for any challenges or requests put forward by our clients.

Third party review and other services

If you are in need of a third-party review, we can review designs for building control application, structural integrity, and stylistic coherence. We help our clients to understand laws and procedures so you are not fined for illegal construction or breaches of the building regulations.

Architectural Renovations

We also have substantial experience in renovations, from single-room or office designs, to entire home or building remodelling. Older structures occasionally require some reinforcement or special construction, and these activities can incur substantial costs. For our clients, we carefully examine such situations, and then can apply a cost-effective solution, preserving the historic nature of your property while making it functional and comfortable.

Energy Efficiency

Modern architecture frequently applies principles of energy management and efficiency. As building codes focus increasingly on energy savings mainly under part L, our standards continue to keep abreast of regulations and even ahead as may be prudent.

In your neighbourhood

As always, the purpose of hiring an architectural design consultant is to create something that has been a dream. Make your next project a personal and architectural landmark. We stand ready to service your architectural requirements. From throughout Devon and Somerset and beyond Marchbanks Architectural Design and Planning are your local Architectural Consultants.

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