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GDPR Privacy Policy

As a business Marchbanks Architectural Design including when trading as Jem Architectural Design North Wales does not process data for anyone else to use, neither does it use it for marketing purposes. It does keep data for accounting purposes where applicable.


Your personal information as given is kept on our main computer and Mr Marchbanks’ laptop where necessary. In addition to specific Cloudstation linked by our IT Company. All our computer systems are password protected and your data is only available for general use by Mr Marchbanks and the accounts department.


This may be to provide estimates if required, after which they may be subject to an order given by the customer to carry out works as agreed. These customers will then become clients.


We do not operate marketing using any of the information given. However, when a customer has asked for an estimate for work we will hold that customer's details on record for up to two years before deleting unless instructed to delete before that time. Initially we may make contact to check whether the customer has received any estimate or specification required and if we are to carry out the work detailed in the estimate or specification. By contacting us you are giving your permission for us to use your data for those purposes. Other than that no further contact will be made.


If approached by a new customer the business(es) will require the name and address of the customer and also if applicable the address of the property where the proposed works may be carried out if that is different to the customers main address.


These details will be held on file for the purpose of providing the answers/works as required by the customer. This may be to enable the provision of site visits or estimates as may be required. Once an order is given by the customer to carry out "paid" works. These customers will then become clients.


Details of customers who don't become clients will be deleted after two years.


Client's details will be held on file for up to 5 years after our last dealing (which may be the date our final account is paid for works carried out). These files and therefore customer details will be shared with the appropriate councils/council bodies as part of the work we are contracted to do in the progression of drawing works commissioned for either or both planning and building control applications. This may be via the Uk Planning Portal or the new Welsh equivalent planning portal. It may also be necessary for us to share a client's details with other specialized people/businesses to gain the required planning and building control approvals. These could be Ecologists; S.A.P's and EPC providers; Town Planning consultants; Highways consultants and Structural Engineers etc. as may be necessary to complete the works required. In using our services you are giving us permission to use your details in such a way. If subsequent to approvals we have been asked to continue from our drawing works through to making contact with Builders/Building Contractors and ancillary trades these details will then be shared with those people/companies. We will agree with each clients as to which companies will be contacted and you therefore in instructing us to do this you are giving your permission for your data to be used in that way.


We do not sell or give away customers or clients information to 3rd parties.


Client's details will be held in separate work files and also on our sales ledger. These may include the client's name(s) and addresses, drawings we have produced which are copyright to us, emails and scanned letters, instructions, applications etc. Our accounts person and accountants will therefore have access to client basic data of names and address, site address if applicable and value of works. Copy of invoice(es) dates issued and dates paid. By agreeing to use our services you are giving us permission to use your data as described.


We keep a complete audit trail of all our emails that records our activity. This data is accessed solely for the lawful conduct of our business and is not shared with any other party. If you would like immediate removal from our systems please email By using our services you agree that we will be unable to remove your information until any outstanding invoices have been paid.


If you require further information about data security and controlling the access and management of data in our propriety systems please contact

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